From January to March 2018 the restaurant remains closed for renovations. You can contact us by writing to the email address KIRKILLA@KIRKILLA.COM. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks a lot!

Tasting menu

Enjoy our tasting menu in the heart of Zarautz. You will meet our modern cuisine in a unique setting .

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Menu of the day

Enjoy your menu for a good price in Zarautz. You can eat a unique setting that you like from our menu of the day with the best quality / price

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"Risk respect , love for the craft and quality veneration"

On August 4, 1983 , it was decided to convert the family home of the Ameztoy-Alfaro in the restaurant that we know today. Thus born the KIRKILLA-ENEA JATETXEA RESTAURANT commanded by Romero Ameztoy and Iñaki Olazabal. Here tradition and modernity come together to offer customers a more pleasant evening as possible with a decoration and a family atmosphere.

Good customer service along with a elaborated Basque cuisine are our reason for being. Thanks to its decoration and the good work of their owners can enjoy a homely atmosphere and a very personal approach, making a dinner a very pleasant stay.


The kitchen, led by the sensational cook Xabier Zabala, is the view of all the diners, who can see in situ the careful preparation of food which will taste as well as cleansing and teamwork throughout the kitchen staff.

Linking the traditional with the avant-garde, you can taste delicious creations that will not let you idiferente.

Kirkilla-Enea has to offer the possibility to request special menus for celebrations, christenings, weddings, bachelor parties, business dinners and other events you wish to make.

We also have a wide selection of wines, both white and red, in addition to white wine that is made in the area called "Txakoli".

These cards are that accept: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Eurocard and 6000.


Kirkilla team tries that our customers have a nice meal in our restaurant. In the kitchen, under the baton of Xabier Zabala, young but experienced cook, and with the help of other staff, we treat seasonal products with great care and affection to offer our customers fresh and seasonal produce with a unique development.

Consisting coordination is essential to offer a complete service. Because the kitchen is in full view of diners, they may follow the evolution of the food orders and work on-site kitchen. In the hall we will fondly Romero both Ameztoy as Iñaki Olazabal, with the new aid Julen, son, and the rest of staff. With much attention and kindness, and with the experience of 32 years in front of the restaurant, we treat the customer in addition to eating well, have a personalized and feel at home.


Iberian cured ham 17,50
Homemade foie with port wine, mango pure, dried fruit butter and crunchy toast 16,20
Veal sirloin carpaccio, parmesan, wine reduction, fried bread roll with basil and rocket 17,50
Magret carpaccio and foie with port wine reduction 16,20
Lukewarm octopus salad, avocado, paprika and onion stuffed bread 17,20
Kirkilla salad (baked potato, green beans, carrots, lettuce, egg, prawns) 13,50
Assorted homemade croquettes (seafood, ham, squid) 15,50
Marinated red tuna, nori mayonnaise, wakame seaweed and hot sesame tartare 17,50
Scallop, artichoke and langoustines in its juice 16,50
Home-style grilled prawns 16,50
Rice with squid in its ink (min 2 people, price per person and by advanced order) 16,00

Cod confit with peppers and chives sauce 16,80
Angler fish wrapped in smoked bacon, its bombon, yucca pure and its sand 17,50
Grilled and smoked hake, potatoes confit, roasted peppers, allioli and squid ravioli 16,50
Roasted turbot, green beans, sweet potatoes confit and seaweed juice 18,00

Veal sirloin with foie, goat cheese, potatoes confit, and dried fruit toast 18,50
Sauted wild boar in perigord sauce, creamy apple, pickled onion and prawns 17,50
Crumbled duck, magret, foie, corn, French fries balls, and its juice 16,00
Beef cheek stew in red wine sauce, mashed potatoes, fried pasta with parsley and its juice 17,00

Honeymoon 6,80
Apple cake, with its sorbet and compote 6,80
Coffee parfait (pudding) with vanilla spiral 6,80
Lemon sorbet with cava 6,80
Black forest cake with its bombon and red fruits 6,80
Sugar coated lemon cake with sesame biscuit 6,80
Sugar coated bananas ravioli 6,80
Dark chocolate lava cake 6,80
Our Idiazabal cheese dessert 6,80
Intxaursaltsa Our nuts cream 6,80

TAXES not included



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The Kirkilla -Enea restaurant is located in Zarautz , a town of about 22,000 inhabitants with great tourist attraction. To reach Zarautz is accessible from both Bilbao and San Sebastian from the A-8 or by accessing the N-634.

It is located in the town center, specifically about 50 meters from the popular Plaza de la Musika and also the parish of Santa Maria la Real. Specifically there is at Santa Marina , well known for its festivals.


Moorning: 13:00 - 15:30 / Afternoon: 20:30 - 23:00

Winter: Closed sunday nights and mondays
Summer: Closed sunday nights